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More jello coverage.


Every once in a while I crave something that takes longer to make than my craving will last.  Focaccia is not one of those things.  Yes, you have to wait for the dough to rise and you have to bake and cool it, but so what.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The main […]

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Tomato Sauce

I think that one of the best parts of cooking is taking a recipe and adjusting it to your needs.  This tomato sauce has to be the easiest on earth, it tastes great, and can be customized to whatever you have on hand.

First things first, this is Marcella Hazan’s recipe.  Credit where credit is due, […]

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Puree’s are a simple technique. Versatile too. You start with raw, hard vegetable and you turn them into a creamy, silky smooth unctuous treat. Serve them straight up or add liquid for a soup. Home made baby food? Ok.

The process is simple: simmer vegetables until they are tender, run them […]

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The most dangerous game.

Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice.

Jell-O Pics

Update: Got some more pics.  These are from the event itself.  Check out the PBR-drinkin’ winners.

Here are the pics from the whole event.  All pics taken by Emilie Baltz
Here are pics of the our meat Jell-O entries.

Also another write-up on the competition.  This one […]

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Well, sort of…

Check out the results of the 2010 Jell-O Mold Competition

Here are the results of the Jell-O mold competition I entered.

All things made possible by design genius Ben Light.


Let me tell you first that making consomme is a huge pain in the ass and parts of the process are kind of gross.  If that doesn’t turn you away, let’s go.

A friend of mine and I entered a Jell-o competition.

I swear this is going somewhere.

Anyway, a friend of mine and I entered a Jell-o […]

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Bakin' Bacon

Someone recently asked me how I cook bacon.  I replied, “in the oven.”  This wasn’t met with surprise, and I can’t imagine that it’s much of a revelation to other bacon lovers either.

I can’t remember when I started bakin’ bacon, but I probably saw it on a cooking show.  I bet it made sense at […]

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Quicktip: Resting

I mentioned this topic briefly in an earlier post: after you cook meat, you need to rest it.  Internal juices need to redistribute throughout the meat, and if you cut prematurely, they will run right out onto the cutting board.  You’ve seen this on just about every cooking show since the beginning of time.

More times […]

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